Family Photographer Northern Ireland | Pet Photography | Timmy has found his forever home!

Have you always felt so sorry for all those mistreated or abandoned animals that you hear about on the news or the ads? You may have always wanted to do something but never acted on it? Well this wee man is a prime example of why you need to adopt a rescued animal!

Timmy is a Yorkshire Terrier cross. When Karolyn’s mum, Lynne, brought him home from Carrickfergus Dog Pound he was emaciated, his coat was in an awful condition and he had what looked like a terrible eye infection.

After a quick haircut, a trip to the vets for a check-up, his eye cleaned up and a really good feed, Timmy was a very happy wee man! As you can see!

Dog Rescue Photographer Northern Ireland

Unfortunately, his little eye doesn’t produce tears so that is why it was in such a bad way. Though with a little warm water, cotton wool & eye drops his new mummy Lynne keeps it clean for him!
About 10 weeks later we took his photograph again and the difference in him is astonishing. Timmy is now living out in the countryside with his new sister Amber and loving life! He has filled out, his eye is improving and his coat looks great. And what’s even better he looks so content and happy! And this wee face makes it all worthwhile!

Dog Rescue Photographer Northern Ireland

So if you have always thought of adopting a furry friend, do it! Seeing them improve daily and their quality of life improve so much just by you giving a little bit of your time and love makes it all worth it!

Timmy was found on Gales Doggie Page, if you can give another animal their forever home head on over to the page!

And if you have a furry friend that you would like photographed, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


  • Christine Brown said:

    my partner and I adopted a labrador from carrickfergus pound last year, again he was dangerously under weight, bad coat and looked very unhealthy, didn't know how to play with a toy and just needed someone to love him. Near a year on he is so much healthy and so hyper to play now. I definetly would recommend adopting a dog than paying out hundreds for a specific bred dog. There are so many dogs that need homes :(

  • Lynne McNeeley Morton said:

    My wee man :) xxx.
    Timmy is my third rescue dog over the years and it is so worthwhile.