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weddding photographer prices in Northern Ireland

Wedding photography style

You’ve arrived at our little corner of the Internet because you’re looking for the perfect photographer to tell the story of your wedding day, the way it really happened.

Photography is important to you. You want natural, honest and relaxed photos. You want someone to document every incredible moment and every intense feeling as it happens.

From the nervous anticipation as you prepare. The last deep breath you take before stepping into the ceremony. When your heart is about to burst with joy the instant you lay eyes on your soul mate. That first blissful kiss you share. When your guests engulf you with hugs and kisses. As well as those extra special dance moves you break out when the party gets going! Most of all its photographing what happened on your wedding day in all of its beauty, emotion, love and with a little bit of fun and silliness for good measure!

You are each other’s best friend. Your wedding is your declaration to the world that your love is forever.

This is the way we see wedding days and if you see yours the same way then hopefully we’re what you’ve been looking for!


Wedding Photography Price

We have limited availability for the rest of 2017 with one photographer, starting from £995.

Our wedding photography package for 2018 is £1450. This is for all day coverage with two photographers, from the getting ready at one location in the morning right through to partying in the evening too. Photographs are high resolution (print ready) and will be supplied on a usb.

We also offer lots of other awesome stuff like engagements photoshoots, folio albums and photobooks.

Custom quotes are also available for destination weddings and elopements, please get in touch for more details.

We would love to hear from you, just fill in the contact form above and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

*We will endeavor to get back to you within 48 hours but when wedding season is in full swing we’re out of the office quite a bit so this may take a little bit longer.